Referrals under Medicare Programs

As registered medicare providers we offer counselling services under Better Access and the Enhanced Primary Care Program. We routinely work with adults and specialise in therapy with children, adolescents and adults. 


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    How to Refer? Bill a Mental Health Care Plan, write a referral letter and give this to patients, advising them to contact us.  For all local referrals in the Narre Warren area please call  Judie on 0438 995 065.   
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    Who to See? In-person or OnlineRachelle is no longer working locally, but offers video appointments and can be contacted via email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If patients want an in-person appointment, please call Judie on 0438 995 065 who is based in Beaconsfield.
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    No waiting list! Patients are usually offered an appointment within two weeks. See our contact us page for our opening hours and office location.


Developing Partnerships are Important to us!

Feedback to Medical Practitioners Once a patient has booked or attended an appointment, we send an acknowledgment letter to the referrer. So if you haven't received this letter from us, we usually haven't had contact from the patient.

At closure, and after the 6th and 10th sessions we provide you with feedback. At times we may also provide you with additional feedback for your review as necessary.


Helpful Tips

  • Please ensure all referrals are addressed to Happy Me, then we can match it to the appropriate counsellor.
  • Ensure you have billed a MHTP or EPC plan so patients can claim the medicare rebates.
  • Yes, adults can be referred to our service! See a range of commonly presenting issues here.
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