Helping Clients Increase Skills and Strategies

Happy Me is a small team of registered medicare providers who provide counselling for depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, relational issues, social, and behavioural issues. We specialise in working with children and adolescents, alongside our work with adults.

We also provide clinical supervision, workshop, sell books and resources, and have rooms for rent. We provide timely feedback to Medicare Practitioners and have established partnerships with schools, allied health professionals and other local organisations.

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Why choose to see a Social Worker?

Medicare Accredits both Social Workers and Psychologists to provide the same treatment strategies (focussed psychological strategies).

Often when we seek counselling or support we usually make reference to seeing a Psychologist. In our experience, it seems rare that we may say – I need to see a Mental Health Social Worker. There seems to be very little information or common knowledge about a Social Worker’s role in treating mental health disorders

What may be different about seeing a Social Worker?

At Happy Me we work assertively to engage with clients who might find it difficult to take those first steps in attending an appointment e.g. adolescence, children, clients with anxiety, clients lacking confidence seeking. We work closely with GP’s and other services, and have a strong commitment towards maintaining and developing partnerships – all of these focusing about clients needs and those of the broader community.

As well as undertaking clinical assessments on an individual level, Mental Health Social Workers will also consider the impact of issues on family members, and may involve them in the therapy process when assessed as appropriate.

Social Workers adhere to the AASW practice standards, and are to abide by the AASW Code of Ethics. Mental Health Social Workers operate within the framework of the AASW practice standards for mental health, and are committed towards 50 hours of continuing professional development per financial year – 20 hours relevant to mental health practice, and 10 hours relevant to focused psychological strategies.

In general, Social Workers may advocate on behalf of clients when they are disadvantaged or marginalised. Social Workers have a commitment towards social justice and changing social policy or structures to promote social inclusion and address issues of disadvantage.

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