Happy Me Clinical Supervision

Supervision is a process of reflecting upon your work to develop your skills and knowledge, and increase your professional awareness and support. Any professional can choose to receive supervision, but it’s a standard practice for Social Workers, Psychologists and Welfare Professionals to receive it on a regular basis as a part of ongoing professional development. These services are often provided by your line manager or supervisor if you work within an organisation.

Why choose to see a Social Worker?
Happy Me Clinical Supervision

Many professionals seek supervision outside their organization (external), as they find that their manager or supervisor has competing administrative and organizational demands, and will often struggle to provide staff with clinical supervision. It is also common to receive external supervision when there may be issues occurring within the organisation requiring external support. Supervisee’s often feel more comfortable discussing their professional development with someone that does not manage their direct day to day performance at work.

We have supported many professionals with their supervision needs – ranging from caseworkers, financial counsellors, school counsellors/social workers, teachers, private clinicians, to team leaders and managers requiring management support.

There is a vast body of literature and research on supervision and how it links to improved job satisfaction and performance, as well as decreased burnout, and longevity in management roles. The agenda and content for these sessions are guided and developed by you, with our input and support around our areas of clinical expertise and specialisation, for your continued professional development.

Types of Supervision:

Many people prefer individual supervision as they can receive one-on-one support to develop professionally. However, group supervision can also be a great approach to develop specific skills or focus on a particular topic, developing team unity by approaching these issues together.

Web-based, Online Supervision :

There are many challenges within the industry in being able to find an appropriate clinical supervisor locally who has the skills and expertise in the areas you require. As a result of this, we can provide clinical supervision via Skype or a similar web-based program. Fees are the same as an office based session and require just a few additional set up preparations e.g. appropriate internet requirements, and a private and confidential environment.


  • Appointments usually go for about an hour, but longer sessions can be arranged if required (additional fees apply).
  • Most professionals find that having regular sessions is ideal to their professional development and support needs. However, frequency is entirely your choice based on your needs and budget. If you do book more regular times, most people tend to book monthly or fortnightly.
  • We also offer our services as a once-off or irregular sessions. Just contact us when you would like to book in for a session.


Many organisations see the benefits of external supervision for their staff and sometimes agree to pay for the cost of the sessions, allow time-in-lieu, or allow staff to attend appointments during their work hours.

We encourage you to discuss this with your organisation, or if you are an organisation seeking this support for your staff, please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

We prefer to offer supervision away from your usual work environment, at our Narre Warren Office, but at times we may consider coming to your workplace to offer a number of sessions to your staff, either as individuals or as a group. Alternatively, you may be better suited to link into supervision via Skype if you are not local.

We can often arrange discounts for organisations that require ongoing supervision for their staff.

For supervision to proceed as authorised and paid by your organisation, please be sure to complete the below request and approval form, as we will need this prior to booking the first appointment. Once approved, most staff then organise and schedule their own supervision appointments with us directly.

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