How long do appointments usually go for?

Appointments are usually 50-60 minutes. 

What are your fees?

Our fees vary based on your referral paperwork, or if you have funded counselling through a particular program that we are registered with. Please refer to our fees page which lists the two main programs and their associated fees. If you have no referral, you can choose to pay upfront fees of $130 per individual session with no rebates. Referrals under Medicare cannot be backdated or rebates for prior appointments cannot be obtained. Sometimes, clients do choose to book an appointment without a referral and pay the full fees themselves, or can even check at a later date with their GP to see if they are eligible for a referral with rebates from medicare. 

How long do appointments usually go for?

Appointments are usually 50-60 minutes. 

Do I need a referral or can I just book an appointment? 

If clients wish to obtain rebates for their sessions we do not book an appointment until you have obtained the referral paperwork. This ensures clients have been given the appropriate referral, and rebates can be claimed from medicare. Clients can choose to book an appointment without any referral paperwork and pay the full fees themselves. You can always check with your GP at a later date to see if you are eligible for referral under medicare.

How soon can I get an appointment? Do you have a waiting list? 

We have no waiting list. We can usually offer new clients an appointment within one to two weeks. If it is a peak time, or around public holidays, appointments timeframes may bit a little bit longer. Please check our home page to see the current timeframes we can offer appointments. 

Who can refer me to Happy Me?

Most clients find it easiest to obtain a referral letter to Happy Me from their GP. However, we regularly get referrals from Paediatricians and Psychiatrists who can also refer under the Better Access Program, allowing clients to claim rebates for sessions. However, clients will often hear about us or be recommended by their school, community centre, youth centre, or other local organisations, and then link in with their GP for a referral. 

Do you have after-hours appointments?  

We can offer clients a 8 or 8:30am appointment, or a later afternoon appointment between 4:30pm to 5pm, but these appointments are in high demand and often the wait can be up to a month for these times. We are closed Saturday and Sunday, and do not have any appointments on Friday as we keep this as an admin/report writing day, and to attend or run trainings.