Fee Schedule

We are a private billing practice with fees due at the time of the appointment.  These fees are required to keep our doors open and as a result I do not offer bulk billing. Fees are reviewed on a regular basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to confirm the fees for the service you require.

Telehealth (Video Sessions), Telephone, and Face to Face Sessions are charged at the same rate.

  • Medicare Sessions (with a valid Mental Health Care Plan and Referral)
    • 50 minute session $220
    • Rebates from Medicare are $82.30 per session
    • Missed/Cancellation Fees $60 (with less than 48 hours notice)
  • Privately Funded Session (No Referral Needed)
    • 50 minute session $260
    • The full session fee applies for less than 48 hours notice
  • Clinical Supervision Session
    • 50 minute session $220 plus GST
    • The full session fee applies for less than 48 hours notice, plus GST
  • NDIS Fees (for Plan Management under NDIS)
    • Self Managed NDIS plans may be charged up to $260 per session, dependent on the therapy required.
    • An individual service agreement is developed with the participant and/or carers
    •  Billing is currently $193.99 per hour (Line item 15_621_0128_1_3 and 15_005_01181_1_3)
    • Cancellation Fees as per the NDIS price guide of 7 days notice required, or the full session fee is billed
    • Travel fees and costs will be clearly outlined in your service agreement
  • Travel Fees
    • $260 per hour charged for travel time
    • $0.85 per kilometre travel charge
  • Late Fees
    • $30 late fee per overdue invoice
    • Two reminders will be sent, then invoices will be forwarded for debt collection

Private Health Funds 

Rebates for sessions may be available from some private health funds such as BUPA, University or Teachers Health Fund, Nurses and Midwives Health fund. Please check with your individual health funds for rebates to see a Mental Health Social Worker.

Payment for Sessions 

Payment is due at the time of the appointment. Individuals paying for sessions can choose to save a card on file in our secure system, and we will charge the fee at the end of the session. Please ensure you have funds in your account for this payment to be processed at the end of each session on the day of your appointment.  If your card details change, please let us know so we can update this in our system.

Cancellation Fees 

We have a firm cancellation policy and charge this fee so we can continue to provide services to individuals and families. When you book an appointment our system will email you a booking reminder, and you will also receive an email and SMS reminder two days prior to your appointment.   Please notify us if you cannot attend the appointment with more than 48 hours notice to avoid this fee.

Medicare Rebates

After payment has been made at the end of a session, Medicare Rebates are processed online for you via Medi-pass.  Please ensure you have your bank account details listed with medicare to enable your rebate to be put back into your bank account.  If any of your medicare details change, please let us know or there may be delays in getting this rebate back.

Third Party Payment 

Invoices are emailed on the day of the session and payment is requested within 7 days. If you require longer payment terms, please advise us.  Payment can be made via direct deposit into our bank account listed on the invoice. Please ensure you put the invoice number on deposits so we can remit, or payments from organisations are unable to be linked to invoices and marked as paid.

Remittances can be emailed to – happyme@me.com

Medicare Programs

Some clients are referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan and a referral letter.

With a Mental health care plan upfront fees are $220 per session. We process your medicare rebate online via medi-pass, and medicare will deposit about $82.30 into your account listed with medicare per session.

The initial referral from your GP is usually for six sessions, then a review is required with the GP to obtain another referral letter for a further four sessions. You can get up to ten sessions per calander year.

We usually track the number of sessions you have with us, and remind you when you need another referral and need to review this with your GP.

Please advise us if you have used any of these sessions with another provider.

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