We can currently offer new clients an appointment within one to three weeks. Our appointment timeframe for children's counselling is up to three weeks, with our timeframe for adolescent or adult counselling being approximately one week.

At Happy Me we do not have a waiting list. We believe that counselling should be a service that you can access in a timely manner. We try and offer an appointment within two to three weeks (or sooner), enabling you to get the support that you need without an extensive wait, or going on a waiting list. We also operate a cancellations list, so that clients who are hoping for an even sooner appointment may be contacted if another client reschedules or cancels their upcoming appointment.


Most of our clients are referred to counselling by their GP. Unless you choose to pay private fees (i.e. with no GP referral) we always wait until you have the required paperwork before booking an appointment. This ensures you have the correct paperwork at the time of the appointment and are not faced with a fee without any medicare rebates. Please refer to the "GP's" section for appropriate referral information.

Given that we routinely treat mental health disorders, we do our best to prioritise appointments for clients who are needing one sooner. However, please be aware we are not a crisis or emergency service. If you feel this may be your situation, please still give us a call during business hours and we are happy to discuss some support options with you.