Training Topics:

We have a number of training topics that we specialise in. If you have a topic in mind, or wish to combine specific content to develop your own training program, please contact us to discuss.

Some of the topics we specialise in are:

  • Supervision
  • Reflective Practice
  • Management Training
  • Managing Stress
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Parenting (numerous topics)
  • Effective Communication
  • Sensory Issues in the Classroom
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Budgeting
  • Engaging Adolescents
  • Private Practice Training
  • Team Building Days
And many more!



The Five Keys to Private Practice Success:

This hands on workshop covers the five identified keys you need to have a successful private practice: 
1. You
2. Your Practice
3. Your Budget and Income
4. Your Clients
5. Your Connections  

This workshop covers an extensive amount of information that Rachelle has captured over the past decade in private practice. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge, the tools, worksheets, and the confidence to enter private practice - with the most chance of success!

The workshop will give overwhelmed practitioners a starting place, and enable those already in private practice with the continued drive, focus, and structure they need to succeed. A detailed information pack is provided for all participants. 

Rachelle Mortensen is a Clinical and Mental Health Social Worker that has been in private practice for about 12 years. She quit her job at a non-profit organisation and started her private practice with one client. She developed her business from scratch with hard work, determination, and constant learning. Rachelle is a great motivator, makes learning fun, and is passionate about sharing the tools other Social Workers need to be confident and successful. 

This workshop may be delivered twice a year (given the demand) in May/June, then again in October/November.
This workshop may also be run interstate with minimum numbers and some additional costs to cover travel expenses. Please contact Rachelle to discuss this. 
Cost: $298
The workshop is usually run on a Friday 9-2pm
NEXT SCHEDULED DATE: Friday 2nd June 2017
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Clinical Supervision is also available as an option too! 
If you need once off or ongoing support you can always book an in-person or Skype/Facetime Supervision appointment tailored exactly to your support needs. Email or call Rachelle to set up a time!

Feedback from Participants:

“All in all one of the most helpful workshops I have ever done : I thought was ready to go before I arrived : but came away with a gazillion ideas & tasks since"

“I have used the handbook as my bible ever since and will continue to do so : it spurred me on no end and I have been beavering away with the many suggestions made." 
"Very informative, easy going, comfortable environment. Enjoyed it very much, learnt a lot."

Services Overview

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  • SupervisionSupervision is a process of reflecting upon your work to develop your skills and knowledge, and increase your professional awareness and support. Any professional can choose to receive supervision, but...MORE...
  • TrainingWe develop Training around many specific topics that we have extensive knowledge and clinical expertise in. We deliver these training programs in an innovative, creative and hands-on way with the training group...MORE...
  • WorkshopsJoin this fun and creative workshop to learn tools and strategies to identify the components of balance that you need in your life right now - both personal and work. Learn how to plan...MORE...