• First Appointments $200 (Medicare rebates approx. $77 per session with referral)
  • Subsequent Appointments $160 (Medicare rebates approx. $77 per session with referral) 
  • Organisational Funding Counselling or Supervision - please contact me for pricing 
  • NDIS Plan or Self Managed: Hourly Rates from $193.66 per hour (individual service agreement will be developed) 

Unfortunately, I do not bulk-bill. All fees are due at the time of the appointment. 

Fees are to be paid at the time of the appointment. Generally, we do not book appointments for clients until they have the referral to ensure they have the appropriate paperwork, and can claim medicare rebates or other funding as applicable. Since we have no waiting list, we can usually get most clients in for an appointment within a week or two. 


We usually take payment via credit card and clients can choose to save their card on file for us to process at the end of each session. If you have an appropriate referral from you GP (Mental Health Care Plan), we will process your medicare rebate online via Medipass at the end of your appointment.

Ensure you are fully aware of our cancellation policy (and timeframe) and agree payment of these fees to cover our costs.  If fees are not paid as outlined, you may incur a late payment fee of $20 to cover our administrative costs to follow up payments. 


Medicare Programs

Most clients are referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan and a referral letter.

Referral letters are generally required after the 6th and 10th sessions.  

We review our fees and expenses annually. Fees have generally increased to each year.