Our Goals at Happy Me 

Rachelle Mortensen"We believe that sharing helpful tools and resources can have a positive impact - and we can all be doing more of it!!

We work really hard to provide our clients with helpful tools and resources, to increase their confidence, skills, and ability to cope. 

We utilise our clinical skills and expert knowledge to assist clients to implement realistic, positive change.

Our framework is to provide an approachable, and professional manner in all of our work with clients !"

Rachelle Mortensen
Mental Health Social Worker
B.Social Work (MAASW, Acc)
Adolescents & Adults 


Our History

  • [In 2006] - After a number of years working in the non-profit sector overseas and locally, Happy Me was established. 
  • [In 2007] - "Happy Me" provides counselling supervision services with no waiting lists. 
  • [In 2008] - "Happy Me" are Medicare Registered with the implementation of Better Access. 
  • [In 2012] - Our Private Practice workshop, "The Five Keys to Private Practice Success" was launched. We continue to run other workshops and trainings as requested.
  • [In 2014] - We continue to provide a range of clinical services with no waiting list, specialising in working with adolescents and children, alongside our work with adults. 

Our Staff

Judie Hind-Roff

Judie Hind-Roff
Clinical Social Worker
B.Social Work, B.A.
(MAASW, Acc) (M.A.C.S.W)
(Clinical Mental Health)
Grief & Loss Counsellor
Children & Adults  


      Vanessa Nathan

Vanessa Nathan
Administrative Assistant/Accounts