Privacy & Cancellation Policy


$50 cancellation fee for less than 48 hours notice

Including missed or rescheduled appointments within this timeframe

As a courtesy to all clients we pay for an SMS reminder to be sent to your mobile two days prior to your scheduled appointment. Please do not reply via SMS to this automated message, contact 0433 225 770.

A cancellation fee of $50 is a necessary fee required to cover some of the costs that we have incurred prior to your appointment. We wish we did not have to charge this fee, but it is a fee that ensures we can cover our costs and not increase other fees.

 We inform you about this fee when you book your first appointment.  We provide a copy of our fee schedule at the first appointment, which we ask you to read through, stating you agree and understand these terms by signing, giving you a copy for your records.

Thanks for your understanding and prompt payment! 



Every client has the right to confidentiality and privacy. Clients are provided with services within a confidential and private environment.  Information is only collected for the purpose of providing a service to individuals and/or groups. 

 Information will only be released if -

·      Required by law

·      Required by professional standards and/or ethics to protect individuals and/or groups

·      As required by clients; with written or verbal consent from clients for communication to occur with others for the purpose of providing a service to that individual and/or group

All client information is kept secured, only accessible via a locked filing cabinet or password protected via computer unless it is currently being used.  Client information is only accessed by Happy Me staff, unless a situation as stated above occurs.

Client can request to view their files, or be provided with a summary of the content.

Once services have ended, information collected will continue to remain private and confidential, with files being destroyed or archived as legally required.

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